Hits for Healing

Franklin Flame “Hits for Healing”  Campaign

Annually the Flame girls play for something bigger than themselves, important causes and charities in our community. Our 2023 season we are playing for USA Patriots ( https://usapatriotsathletics.org/ ) and local food banks.  Each player will get donations for each hit they get throughout the season, 100% total team pledges will be donated to the charity for the season.

Each player is collecting donations towards each hit they earn this season.  Example, if you donate $0.25/hit, player gets 40 hits on the season, you are donating $10 at the end of the seasons to that player.

Player Pledge $ / Hit Hits To Date $ Raised to Date
Coach Jet to All Players $0.10 167
Coach Sino to All Players $0.10 167